Conventional Tow Truck

Our four-wheel drive conventional tow truck is equipped with a boom, wheel lift, and dolly system which makes this a very versatile truck for all your small needs in hard to reach places.

  • Four wheel drive able to access remote locations
  • Quad cab allowing transportation for more than just the driver
  • Two stage hydraulic boom and wheel lift

Flat Bed Carriers

Our flat bed trucks offer a "low" load angle for the safe loading of your exotic car to your four-wheel drive, one ton series truck. They are also equipped with air ride suspension for the safe transportation of your vehicle and a "side puller" for tough recovery jobs requiring specialized equipment.

  • 21' deck with low load angle permitting versatile loading for all vehicles
  • Side Puller for difficult recoveries and safer operations
  • Complete remote control system for all winches
  • Air ride suspension for the safe transport of your vehicle

Heavy Tow Truck

Our two, 50-ton tow trucks are perfect for heavy recovery operations and allow us to handle any major accidents. They also provide a safe, damage-free under reach system for moving your disabled truck, bus, or coach for repair.

  • Tri axle with 50 ton two stage boom
  • Two 50,000lb winches for heavy recoveries
  • 50 ton under reach to permit tow of heavy loaded vehicles

Float Service

Utilized for moving vehicles that are unsafe to tow, loading extremely damaged vehicles and moving general freight. We also have a heavy spec four axle float with a low 34 inch deck "on-air" ride suspension for moving your holiday RV or heavy unit that may not qualify for conventional towing.

Local, Timely, Professional

If you’re looking for a local towing company that maintains speedy response times, always arrives with the right repair equipment, and completes services in a timely fashion, choose North Bay Tow Truck. Service Centre Ltd.. Simply give us a call whenever you need recovery services. You will see our trucks working in the Almaguin Highlands and Parry Sound area performing a wide range of tasks for our many roadside assistance affiliations.